Up and Down: New Mexico’s Weather

One of the things that I’m still trying to get used to after moving to New Mexico a little over two years ago is the weather. Growing up in East Tennessee, we had all four seasons, and generally speaking, as the seasons would change, the weather would not fluctuate that often. What I mean is that once it was fall, we had fall weather, or once winter came, you could expect it to be somewhat cold outside for a few months.
Weather is not like that here in Carlsbad. For example. We are currently in February, which is considered a winter month. Most places that I have lived before here have already experienced snow, very cold temperatures, and other things that you can generally expect during the winter months. We have had a couple of cold days, highs in the upper 30’s, but today, and most of the last week, we have been having temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s. In fact, today it actually hit 90 degrees. I played golf this afternoon, and was sweating pretty good wearing shorts and a thing polo shirt. Not February weather that I am used to to say the least.

Carlsbad is in a desert region, so I guess you could ask what else I could expect from living here. And to a point, I get that. What is difficult for me is that the high was 90 degrees today and it is forecasted to be in the low 50’s as a high tomorrow, then Monday a high of 39 with the potential for snow. In other words, there is a high temperature difference of nearly 50 degrees in a 48-hour period.  

This temperature fluctuation does one thing to me, other than annoy me. It literally makes me sick. My body and immune system just cannot seem to figure out how to deal with this constant change in temperature. When I get right down to it, I honestly would just like the weather to make up its mind. Get cold (like winter is supposed to be) or stay warm, but pick one and go with it. Stop this constant shifting.

What about you? No I do not mean what do you think about the weather? What do you prefer the temperature to be? Do you want snow or could you go the rest of your life and be perfectly happy without ever seeing another snow flake? My question is simply this: In your pursuit of being a Christ follower, are you consistent, or does your commitment level fluctuate as much or more than the temperatures of Carlsbad, New Mexico I described above?  

Jesus would call that constant fluctuation in our lives being “lukewarm”. If you are familiar at all with the letters to the seven churches described in Revelation, then you know where I am going with this. Jesus does not allow “lukewarmness”. “So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” (Revelation 3:16). He says be either hot or cold. And that is not Him saying that it is ok if you decide not to be a Christ follower. That is not what He means by being cold. He is referring to how Laodicea received its water sources during this time period.  

Basically, they had an aqua duct system that would bring water either from cool or hot springs into the city. Depending on what you wanted the water for, you would either want the hot or cold. But that went to the most prominent of the city first. That is because the further away from the source of the water, it would become lukewarm, and not very appealing.  

Jesus is making the argument in this letter to Laodicea that He wants us to either be hot or cold, the best form that we can be. In other words, if we are claiming to be His followers, then we need to be the best we can be. Stop this fluctuation. If we are in, then we need to be all in or He will spit us out.  

So let me ask you again: In your pursuit of being a Christ follower, are you consistent, or does your commitment level fluctuate as much or more than the temperatures of Carlsbad, New Mexico I described above?

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