On Mission?

Though I live in NM now, I spent most of my life living in East TN.  My wife and I love it here in NM, but there will always be part of our hearts in the hills of East TN (and Southern OH as well).  That brings me to some very heartbreaking news from my home town.  Actually it is from my high school alma mater, which brings it even closer to home for me.  I went to Daniel Boone High School in Gray, TN, the home of the Trailblazers.  While there are definitely things I do not miss about high school, once a Trailblazer, always a Trailblazer.

This past week, news broke across my social media pages about another tragedy within the ranks of Daniel Boone.  Three students were injured in a bad car wreck, one in critical condition in ICU.  I say another tragedy because just five months ago, a high school couple was in a wreck, killing the 16-year old female passenger on her birthday.  This community has been through a lot this school year. 

Just a day or so ago, the student that was in ICU in critical condition succumbed to his injuries and passed away.  1,400 miles away, my heart is breaking for these students, staff, faculty, and all those affiliated with Daniel Boone.  I did not know either of these students that lost their lives in these tragic accidents, but I know current students that knew them.  The one good thing that I can say about this whole situation is that the community has rallied together and are supporting one another.  Boone Strong has been popping up all over my social media feeds as a reminder that we are all one.  In fact, as I write this, I am changing my profile pic on Facebook to Boone Strong for the next week.


This has all be a reminder of something that we all to often forget; Life is short and we have no idea how much time we have left in this world.  I am not trying to be discouraging or “doom and gloom”, but the reality of our lives is that the next minute is not guaranteed for any of us.  Life is fragile, but it is also a huge blessing.

So I have a challenge for you.  What are you going to do with the time you have remaining?  Are you just going to “go with the flow” and live with a purpose?  Or are you going to step up to the idea that as a Christ follower, we have a mission and should be living this “Life on Mission”?  We are currently going through the series Life on Mission by Tim Harlow at Central Christian Church here in Carlsbad.  It has completely changed the way I look at living my life.  I want to live my life on mission for Jesus more than I want to do anything else.

The reason this is so important is that we do not know how much time we have left.  We might be gone tomorrow.  But your friend, neighbor, coworker, family member, significant other, or whoever else you are close to might be gone tomorrow as well.  Do they know Jesus?  Have they given their life to Him and allowed Him to become their savior?  If not, have you shared your story of a loving relationship with our savior with them?

If we are a Christ follower, then we have a mission of sharing Jesus with as many people as we can.  The best way we can do that is through building relationships with those that do not know Him yet, and earning the right to share Him with them at some point.  Let the tragic loss of a couple of teenagers five months apart in East TN be a reminder that tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us.  Are you on mission?


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