It’s Been 10 Years?

My home church in Gray, TN is coming up on its 10th anniversary.  November 20, we are going to celebrate the 10th year we have been ministering with and to the community of Gray, and it’s been a great 10 years!  One of the things that the church has been doing over the last few weeks is sending out a daily e-mail called “Milestones and Memories–Crossroads 10th Anniversary”.  This is the heading that they use on each of these e-mails before the actual subject each day;

Each day leading up to Crossroads’ 10th anniversary, we will be posting an event or milestone that we have shared as a congregation over the past 10 years. We hope that by looking back, you will be encouraged by the way God has blessed us and that you will be inspired to “Join the Journey” as we look to the future.

It’s been really cool to read these memories on a daily basis.  Our church has done so much over the last 10 years and it has really impacted the community.  It’s really nice to be able to reflect and see where we came from, how much God has allowed us to grow and use all of those memories to project what God has in store for us over the next 10, 20 or 100 years! God has blessed Crossroads with great leadership and they are constantly seeking God’s will in prayerful consideration for the future.

There is a lot we can learn from this process of looking back over Milestones and Memories, and the church is doing just that.  But there is so much we can learn from that same concept in our own lives.  These daily e-mails have really got me to thinking a lot about my own life.  God has called me to a life of ministry, but how can I use this concept of looking back now to help me with what God has called me to do with my life?  It’s made me realize that I need to make a conscious effort to do meaningful things now that will help me towards the goals and dreams that God has called me too.  It has also made me realize how important even the small things are.  Even small things, if handled correctly, can become Milestones.  So I have some questions for you that I am trying to answer myself.  Take some time and think through these.  With God in control, how are you helping yourself in the process?

What am I doing on a daily basis that is worth looking back on in a few years?  What am I doing that will help me achieve the goals that God has given me?  How am I using the gifts that God has given me to help reach out to the community I live in and the world in general? 

God Bless!

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