Well Done: A Tribute to a Friend Gone Too Soon

I woke with a sadness in my heart this morning.  Over the last few days, I have been seeing a prayer request posted and reposted on Facebook from a friend in Tennessee, asking for prayers for her friend Jane.  What I didn’t realize over that week was that she was asking for prayers for a Jane that I highly respect and has been a huge supporter for Kelley and I over the last few years.  I just found out yesterday morning through a separate friend’s post that it was my friend Jane that was needing prayer.  Sometimes this long distance thing isn’t any fun.

While watching a couple of shows last night, and winding down for sleep, the news came across my social media feeds that Jane had passed away.  I’m just blown away.  Jane was someone that I would have never expected to pass this soon.  While she was older, she seemed in great health the last couple of times we were able to go back to Tennessee for a few days. 


You see, Jane’s husband David and I served on the board together at Crossroads Christian Church before Kelley and I moved to New Mexico.  Dave became an elder at the same time I became a deacon.  David and Jane were constantly encouraging us, praying for us, and genuinely excited for us in our opportunities for ministry.  After moving to New Mexico in September of 2014, I always looked forward to seeing them when we would go back home for a few days.  They always wanted to know how things were going, if there was anything that they could be praying for for us, and would always have that encouraging word and piece of advice for us.


For the last few months we were in Tennessee, Kelley and I were in the same Sunday school class with David and Jane.  It was amazing to see their love for the Lord, their interest and knowledge in the Word, and their genuine care for those that didn’t know Jesus yet.  They have served as missionaries, especially David, who uses his background as a doctor to invest in lives overseas.

Jane was the type of person that could always put a smile on your face.  She was talented, energetic, and just plain fun to be around.  She had a lot of talent in the drama field, directing a few different dinner theaters and dramas at the church over the last few years.  Her love for God, people, and service will be greatly missed.

I started off saying that I have a sadness in my heart this morning.  And it’s true.  I’m sad that I will never get to talk to Jane again.  I’m grieving over our loss here on earth.  My heart is breaking for David.  Even as I type these words, I feel myself choking up.  But I’m also rejoicing right now.  I have this intense sense of joy because Jane is no longer suffering!  I’m confident (as confident as I can be in regards to someone else) in her relationship with Christ.  I’m rejoicing that while she has been taken from this earth, her work is done.  She’s heard “Well done my good and faithful servant”.  And in that sense, as sad as I am she’s gone, and as joyful as I am that she is not in pain, I’m a little jealous. 

Jane’s finished her race.  She’s won her prize.  She’s at the feet of Jesus!

Jane’s finished her race.  She’s won her prize.  She’s at the feet of Jesus!  Rest well my friend.  While I miss you and hurt for your family, I’m so incredibly overjoyed for you!  Thank you for all your love and encouragement over the years.  You’ll never know how much it meant to Kelley and I.  Until we meet again my friend.


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