Make It Real (10-22-16)

A few months ago, I wrote about preparing to be a sponsor at a week of church camp at Guadalupe Christian Camp.  The week went extremely well, as did the whole summer schedule there.  In fact, I would say that none of us involved could have expected it to go any better than it did.  God moved in the lives of all those involved. 

As we enter the fall, with only a two and a half months left in 2016 (which is unbelievable), my attention is turning to another camp event.  I have the privilege of getting to plan Guadalupe Christian Camp’s MidWinter retreat.  This event is for Jr. and Sr. High students (6th-12th Grades), and is held on January 13th through January 15th with the option for each group to stay through lunch on the 16th if they do not have to be back for school (it’s also Martin Luther King Jr. weekend).

As I am starting to get a framework put together for this weekend, the theme of “Make it Real” has me thinking a lot about how we make our faith real in our own lives.  Mark 8 records a conversation between Jesus and His disciples.  Jesus has asked them who the people say He is. They give Him some of the titles and names that others are saying about Jesus.  And then Jesus turns the conversation.  Mark records Jesus’ next question in verse 29 this way, “‘But what about you?’ he asked. ‘Who do you say I am?’” (emphasis mine).

I have talked to way too many people throughout my life that say they are a Christian, but when I ask about how they are living out their faith, they cannot really give me an answer.  Once you do a little more digging, what you discover is they say they are a Christian (or more commonly they identify themselves with a denomination, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, etc.) because that is where their family members go to church.  It is how they were raised, and they identify themselves that way.  But when it comes down to if it is real in their lives, their faith and the way they live their life in regards to following Jesus has never become real to them.

Before you think I am being harsh, let me say that I was in the same position early in my life as well.  That is why Jesus’ question is so important.  He does not say to us individually, “who do your parents or grandparents say I am”.  He looks straight at us and asks, “Who do you say I am.”  How we answer that question has a huge impact in how we live our lives as well.  Making our faith in Christ real, or our own, is sometimes a difficult process, but it is a necessary process if we are going to truly follow Him.  So my challenge for you today is simply this: Make it Real!

Thoughts from a Crosseyed Jesus Freak

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