Expect More to Come!

I have presented the idea a lot over the last few years that I am an aspiring writer.  It is something that I really like doing, but I also have not been very faithful in putting out articles unless I have a hard deadline.  In other words, I have not been very productive as a writer, even though it is something that I am passionate about, and something that I want to get better at.  There are a couple of different reasons for that.  One is just time constraints.  Preparing a sermon on a weekly basis takes a lot of time and effort, and other writing opportunities sometimes just get pushed to the side.  Another is that I sometimes just have a hard time coming up with a topic that I really want to spend the time writing about.  But more than anything, I just have not had the dedication to carving time out of my schedule to dedicate to writing.

I am attempting to change that.  Scheduling has never been a strong suit of mine.  Planning out my work week has always been something that I have generally just done as things come up, instead of setting aside specific times to do specific tasks.  Goals of getting things done each week are always there, but I would not have a specific plan or roadmap of how to get there.  It has worked for me, but I also have discovered that it is not the most efficient way to do things.  I do not think that I will ever get to the point where I plan out my entire day, minute by minute, by any means, but I am starting to try to be a little more intentional in how I plan my weeks.

This leads me back to the idea that I have not dedicated time to write into my schedule in the past.  I plan on changing that.  In fact, in my attempt to plan out my week in a more intentional way, I have started trying to utilize my calendar apps on my computer, phone, and tablet.  That means I have scheduled times (that can always be altered if ministry tasks dictate) into my calendar on a weekly basis for sermon prep, personal Bible Study and personal development (both physical and spiritual), as well as dedicated time to write articles, either for my personal blog, the Current-Argus newspaper in town here, or Central Christian’s monthly newsletter. 

What this means for my writing is that I am going to attempt to post a minimum of three articles on my Crosseyed Jesus Freak page weekly, in addition to any newspaper or newsletter articles that I write.  This is just starting this week, so we will see how it goes, but I really want to start putting time and effort into continuing to develop my writing style and skills.  I want to be very intentional about this as well.  Any of you that know ministry, know that things will inevitably come up from time to time that will interrupt this schedule, so for that, I am asking for your understanding.  If you do not see an article from me for a few days, however, please feel free to reach out to me and ask if there is something keeping me from writing, or if I have just not been following through on my attempt to write. 

I would appreciate any feedback you have for me, as well.  Please feel free to share anything I write and publish on my blog page as well, as I would love to see God’s name being spread further through my writing.

Thoughts From a Crosseyed Jesus Freak

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