TobyMac and Discipleship Followup

I wrote recently about the way that TobyMac has discipled other music artists, bringing them along in the ways of the Christian Music scene, as well as helping stay true to their roots of being Christians first, and musicians second.  This past Sunday evening, there were 16 of us that came together to see TobyMac and the Hits Deep Tour in El Paso, TX.  It was a great concert, one of the best (that’s saying a lot) shows I’ve seen Toby do, but more than that, you could feel the worship attitude in almost all the acts on the tour as well.  You could really tell that they were there to worship God first, and put on a great show second. 

There was a very telling moment, during one of the set changes, where I found out even more the discipleship atmosphere that Toby and his band, Diverse City, carry with them.  It’s not just other artists trying to make a career as a solo artist or group that Toby and the band have taken under their wing.  It’s not just fellow Christians that they show the love of Christ to.  During one of the changeovers, Diverse City’s drummer Brian Haley came out to talk about a Bible study/movement that he is a part of.  He was really passionate about it, because it was something that he has experienced in his own life.  The “We are One” movement is what he was talking about, but I don’t have a lot of information on what it is.

What struck me the most was that he was talking about discipleship and loving someone to the cross, instead of judging them away from the love of Jesus.  I related really well to that, but then he just kept talking.  He said that when he joined TobyMac and the Diverse City band, he got to see first hand what this looks like.  He told a story of seeing Toby and the band find someone that had been hurt time and again by the church.  Someone that really didn’t know who God was.  Someone that was addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Someone that had no relationship with Jesus.  And instead of turning away from him, they embraced him.  They brought this lost man into their group, and loved him to the cross.  They introduced him to God and a true relationship with Jesus.  Then he dropped the big bombshell.  He said, “and that man was…Me”.  He had firsthand knowledge of what true discipleship can do.  He lived it on the side of someone that was loved and discipled in such a way that he left a life of hopelessness and is now a child of God.  He’s been with the band for 15 years, and his life is totally different than what it used to be.

That’s what discipleship is all about, and that’s why we all need to find someone to disciple.

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