Bible in 90 Days reflections (Day 8)

So, if you are on schedule with us, reading through the Bible in 90 days, today was probably the hardest to get through yet. Day 8 is basically the first 14 chapters of Leviticus, describing in vivid detail how each sacrifice was to be carried out. Paul tells us in one of his letters to Timothy that all scripture is important, and it is. But that doesn’t mean that it is always easy to see what the benefit is.

Leviticus is a book that describes the OT law, which is something that we, as NT Christians, are not under anymore. Of course there are parts of it that are beneficial to us, but we are under the new covenant. We aren’t required to do the sacrifices that are described under the old covenant. In fact, that is what Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross led to. He became the only sacrifice that we ever need.

As I read through the vivid details of all the sacrifices for different things, and what is considered clean and unclean to eat, one thought over powered everything else. Knowing that this is just the first part of the laws that are laid out that will take us through the rest of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, I couldn’t help but have this one thought just keep circulating over and over again in my head. While there are plenty of things that we can take from reading through the OT laws found here, the biggest thing that I can take out of them right now is the overwhelming appreciation for what Jesus did on that cross, 2,000 years ago, because not only was He the perfect sacrifice for our sins, He makes it possible for us to not have to live under the OT law! There is freedom found in Christ. The law ultimately is used to show us the need for Jesus and what He offers, because even under the law of the OT, no one is worthy of a relationship with God. Thank you Jesus that we don’t live under the OT law anymore!

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