*December 2014 Newsletter article*

It’s one of my favorite times of the year. I’ve got Trans- Siberian Orchestra playing in my headphones, trying to figure out what to get all my friends and family, and honestly, missing the cool weather and snow that this time of year brings back in TN and OH. It’s the season of Christmas! There are many things to look forward to during this time of year. Getting to spend time with family, eggnog, Christmas cookies, presents, and countless other things.
None of those things even comes close to comparing to the best thing that we get to celebrate during this time of year. Jesus was born in a manger, the lowliest of places for the God of the universe to begin His time on this earth as a human.

But He did that so that He could live a perfect human life! Through His perfect life, He was able to become the sacrifice for our sins, and take our place on the cross, giving us a chance to have a relationship with God. A relationship that was broken by our sin. The cross that we celebrate around Easter, and frankly all year, is important. But so is Jesus’ birth, because it is the beginning of the greatest part of the best story ever told.

We get caught up with all the gifts and celebrations of this time of year. And there is nothing wrong with those things by themselves. It’s when we let them take focus from the true meaning of this season. It’s not Happy Holidays, it’s Merry Christmas! Let’s remember the real reason we celebrate this time of year. Christ was born as a human to ultimately go to the cross for our sins! Enjoy all that this season has to offer, but remember Christ above all.

Because of Him, Kraig B.

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