Strange Name, Great Concept

This semester during CSM’s Wednesday night youth group, our teaching times have been centered around the idea of believing in God but living like He doesn’t exist.  On the surface this seems strange, but once thinking about it, this is something that a lot (if not most) Christians do with their entire lives.  Kit came up with this idea, I’m guessing, while reading the book that we used as the base for our lessons.  This is where the strange name comes in.  The book is The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel.  The name of this book just really seems strange on the surface, but after reading it and really digging into the idea, this is actually one of the most accurate depictions of the way most American Christians seem to act.  As I said before, the main idea behind this is that we say we believe in God but then we live like He doesn’t exist.  I just finished reading the entire book a few days ago, and it was a great read.  Groeschel writes in a very straightforward and easy to read way.  The way he communicates his ideas in each chapter is very clear.  The book is full of personal experiences and practical advice.  Some of the chapters might seem to have an obvious solution but this is a great read.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels like they aren’t reaching the full potential of their Christian walk.  Do you believe in God but live like he doesn’t exist?  Read The Christian Atheist and start letting God become real in your life again.

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