Sunday’s Coming!

So I’m sitting here in Lock Haven, PA enjoying a great cup of coffee at Avenue 209 on an absolutely gorgeous Wednesday.  While sitting here, inspiration has hit and there is something that I just have to write about right now.  We are in the middle of Holy Week, the week prior to Easter.  Well, my mind was wandering this morning and I suddenly remembered a phrase that one of my favorite professors in college would use.  The class was Introduction to the Gospels taught by none other than Dr. Weatherly.  I think the quote is significant, especially for this week and what this week represents.  While we would be discussing the Gospels, Dr. Weatherly would regularly reference something that wasn’t positive.  Then he would go on to say, “It’s Friday…but SUNDAY’S COMING!”  This thought and statement has stuck with me through out the years since I finished his class and for some reason it is strongly on my mind right now.  Do you get what he was saying?  Man that is a powerful thought.  As we go into this weekend in which we remember the death of Christ on Friday, it is very important to remember also that Sunday is coming!  The death of Christ was a horrible thing, yet it means nothing without Sunday.  If Christ didn’t rise from the dead, then Friday would have just been a bad day, and Sunday would have meant nothing.

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